‘Devour Life’ And All It Has To Offer ‘Devour Life’ And All It Has To Offer

‘Devour Life’ And All It Has To Offer

Aug 18, 2017

The passion of life is about finding what inspires you to get up in the morning and keeps you working late into the night. Not everyone takes the time to find what truly drives them and then refine it to create something unique and all their own. Those who do, however, truly know what it means to devour life.

That’s the theme behind the new Devour Life webseries. Presented by Carnivor Wine, Devour Life presents stories of people who are forging their own path in life and eating up every second of it with voracious creativity and enthusiasm.

Kristen Kish

Making a soup that can impress a chef like Emeril Lagasse isn’t an easy task. Then again, most chefs don’t command the kitchen with the kind of skill and creativity that helped Kristen Kish win season 10 of Top Chef. Since winning Top Chef, the young chef has been busy working at restaurants in both Boston and Los Angeles and traveling the globe to pick up new recipes for her book, Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques. “A lot of things influenced this book,” Kish said. “Everything from my childhood to all of my restaurant days to Top Chef and what I cook at home.”

Tank and the Bangas

If you’ve ever witnessed a Tank and the Bangas show, then you know that the New Orleans group is all about a good time. And if you haven’t then you’ve been missing a great “musical house party.” Founded in 2011, the group draws upon funk, soul, hip-hop and spoken word to create a lively musical stew that connects with the audience. “What was always important to us was giving people an experience,” Tarriona “Tank” Ball. The group had its share of doubters and empty performance halls along the way but just kept pushing because they knew it was all part of the experience. “Devouring life is executing every single thing that comes in your pathway,” said Ball. “Every stumbling block in your life is going to take you somewhere further.”

Kate Kavanaugh

Kate Kavanaugh devours all that life as to offer with the same appetite that she enjoys a meal of skirt steak and cabernet. The 28-year-old is making a name for herself as one of the cofounders of Colorado-based Western Daughters Butcher Shop. Kavanaugh recalled how her grandmother traveled out West to start a new life for herself, and that can-do spirit is obviously running through the young butcher as well. “That relationship between the land and family is really what Western Daughters represents, explained Kavanaugh. Creating her own opportunities is something that guides the young business owner in life, “not just waiting for things to come to you, but actively pursuing them.”