The Best Body Painting Artists & Their Masterpieces

  • 3. Craig Tracy Craig Tracy does not come to the studio knowing what he will paint. Instead, he waits until he sees his model to be inspired by their particular characteristics. Here, the feline's glistening eyes, frosty nose and mysterious upper lip are formed by the slender hourglass figure of a female model. Tracy's paintings photographs always seem to stare hauntingly back at you.
  • 4. Craig Tracy
  • 5. Lara Wirth 16-year-old Lara Wirth can frighten herself in the mirror with her own astonishing body painting. Inspired by the makeup special effects seen on the silver screen, Wirth can transform herself into any fantastical character—from terrifying zombies and solemn skeletons to glittering aliens and sparkling wonderland nymphs.