These Hyper Realistic Sculptures Will Have You Do a Double Take

  • 1. Ron Mueck Hard at Work To produce his hyperrealistic art, Mueck uses silicone and other mixed media to mimic the look of human flesh. Getting the uncanny details just right also requires patience, good lighting, and a magnifying lens.
  • 2. Moving in a Ron Mueck Sculpture Head Calling this piece Mask 3, Mueck created the giant human head in 2005. It appeared at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art Paris. Here, it’s being wheeled into the gallery but it was later attached to the wall.
  • 3. Crouching Boy This sculpture, simply called Boy, measures nearly 15 feet tall and weighs over 1,100 pounds. While we often think of boys as small, Mueck turns this on its head by creating a person with a life-like presence. Upon close glance, viewers are able to see his veins and hair follicles.