These Hyper Realistic Sculptures Will Have You Do a Double Take

  • 3. Crouching Boy This sculpture, simply called Boy, measures nearly 15 feet tall and weighs over 1,100 pounds. While we often think of boys as small, Mueck turns this on its head by creating a person with a life-like presence. Upon close glance, viewers are able to see his veins and hair follicles.
  • 4. Crouching Boy Mueck’s Boy follows the neo-realist tradition in art. Beginning in the 1970s, artists like Claes Oldenburg and Robert Gober produced this type of stunningly realistic work, leading to Jeff Koons in the 1980s. The result is alien-like but will make you do a double take with just how authentic their presence feels.
  • 5. Giant Chicken At nearly four times larger than a real chicken is Mueck’s version of the poultry. Called Still Life, the bare carcass hangs from the ceiling. As viewers, we’re forced to reconcile the cruelty that it conjures. But at the same time, the sheer size allows us to feel a disconnect from it.