This Moving Company Moves Domestic Abuse Victims For Free This Moving Company Moves Domestic Abuse Victims For Free

This Moving Company Moves Domestic Abuse Victims For Free

by Shindy Chen Oct 8, 2019

When a domestic abuse victim courageously decides to leave the house where she’s been battered, time is of the essence. Also paying for the move shouldn’t be an additional cause for worry, which is why one California-based moving company, Meathead Movers, is assisting women in leaving their abusive situations—for free.

The company, started in 1997 by brothers and then high school athletes Evan and Aaron Steed, continues to employ student athletes, providing opportunities for work and also chances to be good samaritans.

The program arose from a history of desperate women who were calling in need of moving assistance, fast, but it wasn’t until the company partnered with the non-profit organizations Good Sheperd and the Womens Shelter Program that the service was formalized.

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“What was good about that is, they could be vetting the requests for help, supporting the women with counseling, and making sure when we went in, the proper restraining orders were in place, or police were on hand if necessary,” said Aaron Steed, now the company’s CEO. The company only encountered a violent situation once, when an abuser returned home with a move in progress in 2001.

The Steed brothers go even beyond just helping with the move. Through the #MoveToEndDV pledge, they have asked businesses around the world to donate their products and services toward local domestic violence shelters. 

“I’ve come to appreciate more and more the example that this sets for the young men and women, but mostly young men, who work for us,” Aaron told People Magazine. “I think it’s so important for them to know that real men don’t hurt and abuse women, real men help people.” Way to go Meathead Movers!

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