JEEP: Path to Purpose JEEP: Path to Purpose

JEEP: Path to Purpose

August 23, 2017

Everyone has a purpose and path in life, it’s up to them to find it. RYOT has come together in partnership with the all-new Jeep Compass, to tell the stories of people who are ready to make their ambitions a reality in this new series titled “Path to Purpose.” Known for their visual storytelling, RYOT turned the lens on Christa David, an artist who gave up the stability of a 9-to-5 job to follow her own path to purpose and embrace the art inside of her.

“Your purpose, whatever that thing is that you’re supposed to do, it’s going to keep presenting itself to you. It’s going to keep tugging and tugging, until it’s absolutely painful. It’s your responsibility to embrace what it is you were created to do, and embrace it whole heartedly. No one else can do it for you.”

For Christa, that purpose meant throwing herself and her career fully into her art. It was a decision to leave her job as a public health researcher that the New York City-based artist admits was scary, but the path that her life had led her to. “You know something is for you when it makes you feel a certain way, and this just feels right,” Christa said about her decision to commit fully to her passion.

It wasn’t a decision that Christa made on a whim, but something she contemplated about for years. The visual artist who specializes in collages and painting, spent her weekends and nights doing art for five years, before finally making the leap to full-time artist.

“I love my Mondays now,” Christa says on her website, and spends her days combing through the city’s thrift stores looking for textiles to use in her art. She credits the city for shaping her into the woman and artist that she is today and feels that her collages symbolize the community she calls home.

“When you think about it, community is like a collage,” said Christa. “The physical environment is like the canvas. The people are like the colors and elements. And our shared humanity is like the glue that holds us all together.”


Top photo credit: Matt Seger