Artist Transforms 100-Year-Old Church Into a Rainbow Covered Skate Park


For years, this 100-year-old Spanish church stood alone, abandoned and slowly crumbling to ruins. But when a group of skaters stumbled upon it while passing through Llanera, Asturias, in the Northern Province of Spain, its future was set in a very different direction.


Dubbed the ‘Church Brigade’, the group started a crowdfunding campaign through Verkami with hopes to convert the century-old structure into an indoor skate park. The campaign was spotted and picked up by Red Bull, and Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel jumped on board to cover its insides with his iconic geometric designs.

Moved by the church’s beauty and the vision of the Church Brigade, Okuda fell in love with the project when he first saw it online.


The results of the collaboration are astounding and truly unique, causing skaters from all over the world to travel to experience it first hand. Those who have experienced the inside of the Kaos Church (as it was newly named upon completion), explain that it is like nothing else.

Rainbows of color cover almost every surface of the church’s interior with sunlight gleaming through the tall, century-old stained glass windows.

The Kaos Church opened to the public on December 10th, but visitors can enter by appointment only.


skatechurch-1To see more of Okuda’s colorful works, visit

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