The Big Family Switch Up Takes On Gender Equality At Home The Big Family Switch Up Takes On Gender Equality At Home

The Big Family Switch Up Takes On Gender Equality At Home

May 25, 2017

When it comes to family dynamics and who handles certain tasks, most families tend to fall into a common pattern. Research has shown that when a couple has their first child, men and women seem to revert back to their gender stereotypes, meaning women have a habit of taking on tasks such as cleaning and cooking and men handle, well, usually what their wives assign them. Why should it be that way though?


YouTube vlogger Giovanna Fletcher and Indesit are aiming to flip the script on this dynamic through a new AOL series titled The Big Family Switch Up. The concept is simple: Parents in 16 families swap household duties for one week to spend some time in the other’s shoes and hopefully come away with a new perspective and appreciation for their spouse. It’s all part of focusing on gender roles in the family with the goal of working towards a #DoItTogether approach.

Families in the series from the UK, France, Italy and Russia soon found themselves trading places with dads handling the cooking and cleaning and the mothers tending to school runs and other “dad duties.”


Given the fact that a study, released as part of their #DoItTogether campaign, found women do 81 percent of household chores once they become mothers, the experiment is sure to yield some interesting results. “I think I’ll struggle, but I’ll give it a go” confessed Nick Mansfield about taking on his wife’s duties.

Psychologist Emmy Kenny is all for the experiment and believes that taking a #DoItTogether approach is a healthy habit for all families to strive for. “Getting families to assess whether they are sharing the jobs is the first step towards creating a happy and co-operative family unit,” Kenny said.


If anything, it will hopefully lead to some extra spousal appreciation and maybe even add a little more balance to the household. If you think your own family could benefit from a Big Family Switch Up, why not give it a shot? You’d be surprised what a family can accomplish when parents take a #DoItTogether approach with household duties.