Art of Gift Giving: A Little Thought Goes A Long Way Art of Gift Giving: A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

Art of Gift Giving: A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

Dec 19, 2016

Just about everybody can reach back into their memory file and think of that one amazing gift. That one gift that stands out among the rest from years gone by that created an overwhelming sense of joy and surprise. Everybody deserves to have at least one gift like that in their life.

Lifestyle blogger Taye Hansberry knew that she wanted to get something special for her blogging buddy Sheryl Luke, but wasn’t quite sure what to get. Like most of us, both ladies love the holidays and cherish the chance to pick out a thoughtful gift for a friend.

While the excitement about receiving a special Christmas gift might fade from childhood to adulthood, it’s replaced with something equally special — the joy of giving. Taye eventually settled on getting Sheryl a scarf to go along with her classic style. Not only does the gift play into her fashion sense, but it will make a great travel accessory for her friend who’s always on the go. When you give somebody a gift that you put a lot of thought into and see the glow of happiness wash over their face upon opening it, a memory is created and a bond is shared.


Sheryl picked a tea sampler for her friend after remembering the time they had tea together and how much Taye liked the different teas. Needless to say, both gifts were a hit with the friends who ended their gift exchange with a toast to friendship and the upcoming new year.

Whether it’s hunting down that one amazing and rare toy that’s been on a child’ wish list for months, or buying a gift for a significant other or parent that recalls a special interest or memory, make your gift standout. And the best way to make your gift standout is by giving a thoughtful gift that gives back. You’ll feel good, they’ll feel good and chances are, they’ll want to pay it forward one day and give somebody else an amazing and truly special gift.