Apple’s New $5 Billion ‘Spaceship Campus’ Looks Out Of This World


Apple can pretty much write a check to do anything it pleases and the company is in the process of writing a five billion dollar check to build a new design campus in Cupertino, California.


Now, keep in mind, this isn’t your standard campus, dare I call it “the iPHone of campuses.” The behemoth campus with Norman Foster will have a 3.7 miles of curved glass will wrapping around the building, giving it an almost spaceship like look. In the middle will be an “airy ring” of 6,000 trees across 300 species that Apple is flying in. Apple’s chief arborist, David Muffly (of course Apple has a chief arborist) says “the idea was to bring California back to Cupertino.” (Whatever the hell that means is anybody’s guess.)


The corporate campus is obviously a thing of beauty and wonder, and wonder you must as all that green space is going to be for employees only. If you happen to live in Cupertino, you’re probably on either side of the fence about this new monster office: on the one hand it’s lots of jobs (even better if you have one of those jobs) but on the other it’s added traffic congestion and only going to make the Bay Area housing issue even worse.

Every Apple has its brown spots I guess.





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