25 Things That Would Have Gen Z Scratching Their Heads

Prepare to watch as confusion washes over the faces of the young.

Scientists Taught Goldfish to Drive… and They’re Not Half Bad

Maybe now that fish are learning to drive we'll give them a little more credit.

The Laser-Cut Paper Sculptures of Ibbini Studios are a Mind Trip

The laser-cut sculptures of Ibbini studio replicate the beauty of nature with Middle Eastern vibes.

Climate Change is a Serious Scrooge for the Christmas Tree Industry

There’s no question that the holiday season of 2021 has felt a little less merry. Perhaps not as gloomy as 2020, but the Covid pandemic is still around and more unwelcome than last year’s fruitcake. We not only have a shipping crisis making it more difficult for consumers to get gifts for loved ones, but...


The World’s Greatest Slingshot Can Launch Satellites Into Space

SpinLaunch could reshape how we launch rockets into space.

baby curtis means This child’s Guinness World Record is Truly a Miracle

Curtis Means had an uphill battle from the day he was born, but he beat the odds and became a world record-holder in the process.

It’s About Time Broadband Internet Come To Rural America

Rural America is finally getting the broadband internet it's so desperately needed.

Everyday Spaces Are Transformed By Artist’s Pop Culture Pixel Art

Any thing on the street can become a canvas for pixel artist Johan Karlgen, aka Pappas Pärlor,.

He invented a hand-cranked washing machine, then gave it away for a very good reason

Navjot Sawhney is on a mission to make washing clothes not such a chore for refugees around the world.

Halloween is an Environmental Horror Story

The scariest thing about Halloween is the amount of trash it generates.

Could brain surgery be the cure for opioid addiction?

Opioid overdoses claimed 49,860 lives in 2019, according to the CDC, and those overdose deaths — made worse by the strain of the pandemic — nearly doubled in 2020. Could brain surgery be the answer?...

Mythical Straw Creatures Capture the Imagination at Japanese Festival

Giant lions, tigers, and bears dot the farmland and this annual Japanese festival.

Revolutionary Winged Microchips are Smaller Than An Ant

Winged microchips are no bigger than the tip of a pencil and could be used for data collection.

taco bell app Are restaurant subscription services the new streaming wars?

We may soon be signing up for fast food subscriptions they way we do for our movies and TV.

Funding for Children’s Mental Health Just Got a Major Boost

The Biden Administration announced millions in mental health funding for children.

These Two TikTok videos Perfectly Explain America’s Wealth Gap

No need to read a study on the wealth gap in the United States. These two TikTok videos sum things up perfectly.

Wildfires aren’t just burning out of control, they’re linked to a rise in Covid

Wildfires are spreading smoke and with that comes a rise in Covid cases.

Simply Stunning Photos Of Mysterious Deep-Sea Creatures

Our oceans are a mysterious place full of beautiful creatures that look like they could be from a distant planet.

A Carpenter Is Saving Toronto’s Homeless From Freezing, One Mobile Shelter At A Time

Khaleel Seivwright doesn't have a solution for Toronto's homeless problem, but the carpenter is still trying to help.

Are Our Brains Hardwired to Believe in Ghosts?

People have been seeing ghosts for centuries. Or at least they think they have. Maybe our brains are just trying to keep us alive.

An Ex-Security Guard is Now a Med Student at the Hospital Where He Used to Work

Russell Ledet may have started at Baton Rouge General Medical Center as a security guard, but he would leave and later return as a doctor.

The Universe’s First Space Hotel is Set to Open in 2025

The world that Stanley Kubrick envisioned in “2001: A Space Odyssey” looks like it was only about 24 years ahead of schedule. That’s if The Von Braun Space Station opens as planned in 2025. The...

Over 100 Egyptian Coffins Have Been Discovered in Ancient Burial Complex

Archeologists had discovered ancient Egyptian coffins and mummies in a massive burial ground.

The ‘Tiger King’ Bill Is A Major Win For Big Cats

A new bill might finally put an end to the abuse of big cats in the United States.