Artist Merges Opposite Worlds in his Half White, Half Graffiti Room

Ukranian artist Pavel Vetrov made two opposing worlds collide in the realization of his design concept ‘Sunday’. Sunday is a hotel room with a perfect line down its centre separating two very different sides, even splitting the bed and television set in two.

On one side of the room, everything is clean, stark white. On the other side, every surface is covered with busy, colorful graffiti. Inspired by French artist TILT and his piece titled ‘Panic Room’, Pavel’s design is a thought-provoking, liveable art work. It draws contrast between the chaos and color of street art, and the somewhat jarring cleanliness of minimalist design.

Pavel works as an art director in a design visualization, architecture and interior design company. His portfolio is extensive and impressive, but ‘Sunday’ is truly unique.

Take a look for yourself at the images below:

pavel-vetrov-sunday-half-painted-apartment-designboom-01 pavel-vetrov-sunday-half-painted-apartment-designboom-02 pavel-vetrov-sunday-half-painted-apartment-designboom-03 pavel-vetrov-sunday-half-painted-apartment-designboom-04 pavel-vetrov-sunday-half-painted-apartment-designboom-06


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