Artist Transforms Gallery Walls Into Liquid Sculptures

In his ongoing series of installations titled ‘Wallwave Vibrations’, Italian artist Loris Cecchini turns gallery walls into liquid. Or so it appears. The illusory sculptures mimic different types of sound waves, rippling across solid surfaces as they might across water.


The architecture of the gallery walls becomes an essential part of the work itself. The artist explains:

“One loses the element of the object proper. The concern for alteration is concerned more particularly with the physical manifestation of the vibrations, expressed each time with different frequencies and intensities, wherein the visual pattern becomes “echo” of a phenomenon like a succession of waves on a liquid surface. In this direction it is as if the architecture, or a portion of it, is modified by the relationship between the sculpture and the wall.”


Cecchini first creates each piece digitally. Next he brings the undulating waves into three dimensions, using polyester resin. Finally, he applies each piece to a flat surface.

Loris Cecchini has found international acclaim with his interdisciplinary installations. He often investigates our relationship with the natural environment. Using space and architecture as materials, he creates sculptures that captivate audiences with their immersive nature.

See more of Wallwave Vibrations and other examples of Cecchini’s work on his website:



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