Chanel Has Introduced Its Newest Fragrance ‘Gabrielle’

There’s something about a bottle of Polo cologne or Chanel perfume that is both classicly familiar, yet excitingly fresh at the same time. It’s likely because these two brands have been at the forefront of some of the most recognizable scents in recent history. And the newest offering from Chanel happens to be “Gabrielle,” an intoxicating perfume with an aroma that has hints of orange blossom and jasmine.

Actress Kristen Stewart, who is the newest spokesperson for “Gabrielle,” described working with Chanel as a similar feeling of excitement as working with a great director. “Being involved in the continuation of their story, which has stood for a very long time, it really does touch a deep part of me,” Stewart said. “Being around these people is so rad.”

While “Gabrielle” is Chanel’s newest offering, its story is actually rooted in the company’s earliest days. “Before creating the House of Chanel, Coco was Gabrielle. A rebel at heart…passionate and free,” reads the company’s website. The perfume is meant to be based on a bouquet of four distinct white flowers and comes in an equally striking and radiant bottle that as Stewart put it “draws your eyes in right to the center.”

Like any well-crafted eau de parfum though, Chanel’s newest fragrance is both delicate and radiant at the same time. A sheer knockout that keeps all those within its reach wanting more.

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