Children Drew Inventions. This Designer Brought Them to Life

British artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox is known for his limitless imagination and his ability to bring ideas to life. In one of his many projects, he decided to hand his thinking cap over to 450 children from his hometown of Sunderland. Titled ‘The Inventors Project’, it asked for participants to draw a diagram of their invention with a short explanation of what it was and how it worked. Wilcox then asked local manufacturers and makers to bring a selection of the inventions to fruition. An exhibition of the finished products was held in Sunderland early this year; below are 10 of the most impressive, innovative and fun inventions that were brought to life.

The Family Scooter


The Super Fast Tennis Ball


binoculars DSC8074Handy Hi-5

highfive“A machine that gives you a high five. I say ‘High Five’ and it high fives when it springs up and it turns red and says ‘High 5’ when the hands meet each other. Children would use it.”- Oliver

highfive-2The Pringles Hook

pringlesPringles1new-lrLadybird Umbrella

ladybird-1normanmakerladybirdumbrella2Ezy Slice Fryer

potatoOpenFront-lrShout Activated Camera

shout-copy-1 shoutcamera2Tooth-O-Matic

toothbrush-1 toothpasteoutThe Shady Lamp


All images are sourced from the artist’s website.

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