FAA Admits That Mobile Devices Won’t Cause Planes to Burst Into Flames


We can all breathe a sigh of relief, using your cell phone on take-off or landing won’t result in your flight exploding into a fiery inferno. That’s right, the Federal Aviation Administration has finally removed its stupid ban of using mobile devices on planes.

If you’ve been on a commercial flight sometime in the last 20 years, you know that during take-off and landing it’s mandatory that all passengers turn off electronic devices. Many a game of Minesweeper has been ruined because of the illogical ban. For the most part the FAA refused to comment on the ban and kept it in place, despite no direct evidence that the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices would interfere with the plane’s systems.

The new standing is that the FAA is requiring all airlines to prove that use of electronic devices non-stop from gate to gate is safe. It’s expected that all airlines should get the green light from the Feds by the end of 2013.

Finally, the dark cloud of texting on planes has forever been lifted. Now we just need to get rid of that rule that requires you move your seat a half inch to the upright position during and after take-off.

Via Wired

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