Get Rich, Become a Jerk According to Science

There’s a reason that the term “poor snob” never caught on the same way as “rich snob.” Are the rich really jerks or are the rest of us peasants just projecting that trait onto the wealthy out of jealousy?

Well, according to UC Berkeley social psychologist Paul Piff, the rich are more likely to partake in jerk-like behavior such as running stop signs (probably in a Rolls-Royce), cheating at games (like polo matches), or taking candy from a baby (Godiva chocolate only of course).

The 30 studies of over thousands of people also revealed the incredible power money has to corrupt a person. In a rigged Monopoly game two people were pitted against one another, only with one person starting out with more money, getting more money every time they passed Go, and rolling with two dice as opposed to one. Naturally, the advantaged player always won, but when asked, they also believed they were entitled to win.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t mean you deserve to be, and even if you do deserve your wealth, don’t act like you’re entitled to do whatever you want.

Via Fastcodesign

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