Henrique Oliveira’s Invading Tree Sculpture Redefines Mind Blowing

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira has created one of the most complex and mind boggling sculptures in recent memory. Seriously, look at thing, how did they guy even begin this behemoth of twisting trunks?!

Called “Baitogogo” and on display at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the huge twisting matrix works as a communion of urban environment and nature fused together. Oliveira is know for using a hybrid of different mediums and created the dizzying piece using tapume wood sticks which are a common construction material in Sao Palo.

What’s so incredibly fascinating about it is that it’s completely impossible to tell where it begins and where it ends. The artist has stated that part of his influence was studying medical texts and physical pathologies such as tumors. It’s not often that something as ugly as a cancerous tumor gives birth to something as beautiful as this web of art.



Via Designboom

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