The Force is Strong With This Japanese Airline’s ‘Star Wars’ Boeing 787

I’m thinking that Japan’s All Nippon Airline had some inside knowledge about the drop of the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer. The airline rolled out their impressive R2-D2-themed Boeing 787 yesterday to coincide with the new trailer, and it might just give the Millennium Falcon a run for its money.

The Star Wars-themed jet will be taking flight this fall and offering up commercial flights to any Han Solo wannabes willing to buy a ticket for the next five years. With 34 Dreamliners, the airline currently operates the world’s largest 787 fleet, and they have an additional 49 787s on order, according to manufacturer Boeing.

The airline says that R2-D2’s unique personality was the perfect fit for linking with their Boeing 787. It was also the design that required the least amount of paint on the already white airliner. How about rolling out a few Wookie jets? Or maybe a Darth Vader line? If the company does stick to its five-year “Star Wars” plan that’s a lot of time to run through the whole spectrum of the franchises characters. Just no Jar Jar Binks, please.

The new “Star Wars” movie which hits theaters on Dec. 18 is posed to be one of the biggest releases of the year. And considering that Disney paid Lucas Ltd. $4 billion for the franchise in 2012, it sure as hell better be a blockbuster release.




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