Jimmy Kimmel Just Trolled A Bunch Of Hipsters At SXSW


C’mon, folks, did you not see Jimmy Kimmel’s troll of gullible hipsters at last year’s Cochella? Does Contact Dermatitis even remotely sound like a real band name? SMH.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his team into the streets of Austin to search for idiots who just couldn’t be caught not being in the know about the hottest acts performing at this year’s SXSW festival. Little did they know that it was all just a funny joke played by Jimmy and their would be no performance by Neil Patrick Harassment.

“They have a pretty good sound, I like their music a lot,” said girl who is straight-faced lying about the band that doesn’t even exist. Shuuuuud up!

Though I fully expect to see DJ Heavy Flow becoming more popular in the underground lesbian hip-hop scene.

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