KFC Makes Bizarre Move, Offers Chicken Prom Corsages


The idea of “finger lickin’ good” probably isn’t what comes to mind for most high school junior and seniors when picking out prom corsages. In a strange twist though, Kentucky Friday Chicken is now entering the prom market with special chicken cutlet corsages. Because what teenage girl doesn’t have prom dreams of wearing a piece of fried chicken around her wrist?

“For just $20, buyers will receive a corsage kit from a Louisville, Ky. florist, which includes a $5 KFC gift card that can be used for a drumstick of one’s choice—Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken or Original Recipe. (The site advises whichever best matches the dress. We suggest whatever’s least greasy.)” Via CNBC

Only 100 are available, so you had better act fast guys unless you want to be stuck disappointing your date by getting her an actual floral corsage.

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