Underprivileged Kids are Confronted by the Toughest Choice on Christmas (Video)

Break out the tissues, because you are about to feel misty-eyed. With the constant barrage of commercials, it is easy to forget that the real spirit of the holidays is family. After all, it is more important to give than to receive, right?

It is no secret that nobody gets more excited about Christmas than kids. The lights, the letters to Santa, the gifts under the tree; they are all leading up to one thing. That moment when a kid is allowed to rip the wrapping paper off their gifts on Christmas morning.

What if getting a Christmas gift though, meant that another family member would have to go empty-handed?

These kids from low-income families in Atlanta found themselves in an unusual holiday situation: they could go home with their dream gift, or pick a gift for their mother instead.

Clearly a tough spot for any kid. Watch their cute reactions below:


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab another box of tissues, because somebody is slicing up onions in my vicinity. Either that, or the spirit of Christmas has got a hold of me.


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