Maria Aristidou Turns Coffee Spills Into Works of Art

Maria A. Aristidou has always been a talented artist. One day while working on a piece, Maria spilled her cup of coffee – an accident that could have completely ruined her work. Instead, it lead Maria to her favorite medium, one that is seeing her art sky rocket in popularity. We caught up with Maria for an insight into her unique process.

How long have you been creating coffee portraits?

I have been painting my entire life. As to coffee painting, that came by accident somewhere around February 2015. I was working on a commission for a client using watercolors and before I could finish it, I accidentally spilled my coffee all over it.

Normally that would freak me out, but for a strange reason I liked it. So after that I started experimenting with all kinds of coffee blends and brands, until I could figure out my own technique.

coffee portrait 7DZeHTc_

How do you create different colors?

I would say that coffee painting is similar to watercolors. At least the way I use it. For the shades, I choose darker and lighter roasts with a layering technique.

What are some of the challenges that arise?

None really. You can slash away any way you like. However the effect will be, it still looks good because in the end, it’s a coffee spill.

Which is your favorite piece or series and why?

My favorite so far is the Einstein portrait. There is something about the level of detail in Einstein’s expressive eyes that I love.


How long does it take to create a coffee portrait?

It all depends. A piece can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours.

What’s next for you?

I have started making plans to open my studio to the public. I just found the perfect little place in the city centre here in Larnaca. It will my own personal workspace, a place to meet with clients and offer viewings of my work, seminar opportunities, as well as a shop with art materials that I use.

Watch a timelapse of one of Maria’s amazing coffee paintings below:


Follow Maria on Instagram, and check out more of her work on her Facebook Page.

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