Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos is the Coolest Thing We’ve Seen

Tattoo art has become incredibly advanced in recent years. New inks and techniques have seen artists create tattoos so rich and detailed that they could almost come alive. Tattoos could never actually come to life though… right?

Wrong. Portuguese video mapping twins Oskar & Gaspar have transformed static body art into dynamic, animated, seemingly living spectacles that dance over their owner’s skin.


The brothers, known for projection mapping on the human face, hosted a tattoo video mapping event in Lisbon last year, where they brought the tattoos of artist Eduardo Cavellucci and Igor Gama to life using a projector on a human canvas. Ink Mapping, Video Mapping on Tattoos, was the first ever event of its kind.

Using each model’s existing tattoos as a base, the duo built mesmerizing, live action visuals in front of awestruck onlookers.


On a model, a snake slithers across his chest. Next, ink drips through the channels of the geometric designs, covering his legs.

On another model, a mandala tattoo twists and turns like the cogs of an ancient clock. Then a galaxy erupts from a single star. Petals of a cherry blossom float across the room. A demon emerges from a chest.

“The visual impact from what you can see from the video is really amazing, but the live impact is stronger.” Guillaume Alatak, project manager for Oskar & Gaspar

Watch a clip from the event to see for yourself below:

See more of Oskar & Gaspar’s incredible video mapping work on their website.

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