Marine Biologists Gave This Octopus a Camera and Now Its Snapping Photos

If scientists ever zap a creature with so much radiation that it grows to building-stomping size, it won’t be lizards that we should be worried about — it’ll be octopuses. Man, are these things smart, a little too smart, possibly. Marine biologists at a the Sea Life aquarium in New Zealand gave their octopus, Rambo a camera and the 8-armed mollusk instantly began taking more photos than tourist at Disney World.

Rambo has a Sony TX30 compact camera attached to the outside of her tank and has learned to press a red shutter button when aquarium visitors stand in front of a designated backdrop. Yeah, she’s pretty much one step away from getting a job at Sears’ family portrait studio.

So, just what exactly does this new octo-photog have in mind? We already know that octopuses can escape from just about any sort of enclosure.


And their camouflage skills are the stuff that NAVY Seals dream about.


We better just hope that octopuses decide they want to be friends with mankind, because if they ever grow to Godzilla-like size, we’re all screwed. In the meantime, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Rambo starts an Instagram account.

Visitors to the aquarium can get a Rambo original for $2 and she’s not a bad photographer as evidenced by this photo of some primary school kids on a field trip.



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