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Rise and Shine is your way to get a quick bite-sized dose of news. One of the more unusual stories you probably haven’t heard of is Bio-Urn. Earlier this week we told you about burial seed pods which function as a sort of egg-like coffin that late becomes a tree. And Bio-Urn, you guessed it the same sort of concept except it’s an urn that holds the deceased’s ashes and is environmentally friendly, bringing new life into the world as a tree. Basically, it looks like burials are pretty much headed the nature route.


Winter may have finally passed, but what about beating the winter blues next year? Well, an Italian design company called Coelux has developed a sort of faux-skylight that’s so realistic it tricks the brain into thinking it’s sunny outside. Besides adding some much needed sunshine to January, the development could brighten up places that are seriously in need of some sunshine, like hospitals and subway stations.


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