Shadow Artworks Show Star Wars Icons Under a New Light

Australian/Malaysian artist Hong Yi’s latest project uses light and shadow to bring some of our beloved Star Wars characters to life. Using everyday, unconventional materials such as colored feathers, old jeans, chocolate cookies and aluminium foil attached to pieces of wire, Hong Yi constructed what at first seemed to be random arrangements with no pattern or sequence.


It was only when a bright light was shone behind the arrangements that their separate parts made perfect sense. Using the shadows created by the different morsels of fabric and food, Hong Yi projected images of Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and more. Scroll down to see all of Hong Yi’s shadow characters!

The Star Wars logo made from pieces of chocolate biscuit:


Princess Leia made from pieces of old jeans:


Chewbacca made from colored feathers:


Yoda made from bark and leaves:


A Stormtrooper made from pieces of fluffy white cotton:


R2-D2 made from pieces of titan graphics card:


Darth Vader made from aluminium foil:

star-wars-shadow-art-by-red-hong-yi-designbom-16See Red Hong Yi’s artworks in motion in the video below:


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