The Many Walls of Wynwood – Graffiti’s New Mecca

In 2009, the late real estate developer turned famed art visionary Tony Goldman began to lead the transformation of Wynwood, a partially abandoned suburb in Miami, Florida. Today, the Wynwood Art District is a thriving centre the world’s greatest urban artists gravitate around. Almost every wall and surface is covered in mind-blowing works of art, making The Wynwood Walls an incredible street art gallery, and one of the world’s must see destinations, for art buffs and tourists alike.

Below are some of the most iconic, impressive and intriguing pieces to hit the Wynwood Walls.

1. Ron English


ron english
Instagram: @ronenglishart

2. Alexis Diaz


Instagram: @alexis_diaz

3. Shepherd Fairey and Cleon Peterson
Instagram: @cleonpeterson, @obeygiant

4. Ryan McGinness
Instagram: @mcginnessworks

5. Herakut


herakut - urbanartlab
Instagram: @herakut

6.Os Gemeos


os gemeos thewynwoodwalls
Instagram: @osgemeos

7. Shepherd Fairey


Instagram: @obeygiant

8. 3 murals from left to right : – Pixel Pancho, MTO, Paola Delfin.


Instagram: @pixelpancho, @mtograff, @paola_delfin

9. Nychos


Instagram: @Nychos

10. Interesni Kazki



interesni kazki
Instagram: @aec_interesnikazki

11. Eduardo Kobra


eduardo kobra (
Instagram: @kobrastreetart

12. Retna

Retna (
Instagram: @ironeyeretna

13. ROA

ROA the wynwood


14. Sheryo


Instagram: @spacecandy

15. Stelios Faitakis

wally gobetz - stelios faitakis

16. Case Maclaim


case maclaim -
Instagram: @case_maclaim


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