These DIY Tables Don’t Just Look Beautiful, They Also Glow in the Dark

How would you like to REALLY impress your guests next time you invite them over for dinner? The food is one thing, but the décor is also important, and you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody that doesn’t find a wooden table that has glow in the dark properties to be a pretty cool piece of furniture.





Applying a glow in the dark resin to wood’s crevices can and an unbelievably beautiful and eerie quality to a piece of furniture or shelf. Artists such as UK industrial designer and jeweler Mat Brown and Mike Warren both sell their pieces, but if you’re good with your hands there’s no reason you can’t make your own.

Here’s how.

Pecky Cypress wood tends to work best for its many natural crevices. After removing any rotten wood from the crevices, cut the planks to size. After fitting the planks together, give them a nice sanding with a belt sander or be prepared to used a lot of elbow grease. Next, mix a clear casting resin with the glow powder of your choice. Blue gives the table a nice turquoise quality, but the color choice is really up to personal taste. A mixture of around 64 ounces of resin and 3.5 ounces of glow powder should cover a 41″x22″ table, so measure for your project accordingly. Once the glow powder and resin is mixed, a chemical reaction begins rather quickly so make sure you’re ready to poor it into the wooden crevices. Let the resin cure overnight, clean up the excess around the edges and give it one final sanding.

With a little skill and a LOT of patience, you’ll have a finished product that looks like this:


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