Top Places for Football Fans to Visit

Football is a sport beloved all over the worl, with approximately 3.5 billion fans and 250 million located in 200 countries globally.

A staggering 4.5 billion people watch the English Premier League alone, while the FIFA World Cup is also the single most watched sporting tournament on the world calendar.

But there are certain places where it’s more than just a game: it’s something more akin to a religion, or a way of life. If you share the same passion for the beautiful game, then you’ll want to make a point of visiting certain special footballing locations at some point in your life. But where are they, and where should you prioritise?


Borussia Dortmund is famous for the atmosphere in its stadium. The Westfalenstadion, and its famous open-plan ‘Yellow Wall’ being among the most intimidating spectacles for teams travelling on the continent. More than eighty-thousand spectators can be accommodated, here, making this the largest open-plan stadium in Europe. On matchdays, you’ll also be able to enjoy a Bratwurst!


There are few British stadia that can really rival Anfield, and its famous Kop, for atmosphere (which is widely considered to have helped the team achieve some incredibly comebacks at home in European competition). The pre-match rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (an anthem actually shared with Dortmund) is enough to stir the emotions before any big European night, while Liverpool fans will want to make the trip here frequently, even if they’re coming from afar. Pick up a home kit while you’re in the area.


FC Barcelona famously regards itself as ‘more than a club’. While that might be debatable, what’s beyond debate is the legendary status of the club’s spell during Lionel Messi’s time in red and blue. On their day, they were arguably the best team in the history of the sport – and, while the modern-day Barcelona isn’t quite so incredible, the Camp Nou remains spectacular, and well worth a visit.

Buenos Aires

Argentina is a country with a formidable footballing pedigree. Nowhere is this in stronger evidence than in Buenos Aires, where both Boca Juniors and River Plate make their homes. There are two spectacular stadia to tour here – and on derby days, the atmosphere can be absolutely electric. Pay a visit to the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, where Argentina famously lifted the World Cup in 1978. It’s one of the most iconic locations in world football!

Porto Alegre

This Brazilian city is the capital of the country’s Rio Grand do Sul, where Sport Club Internacional play their home games. The club’s stadium, Estádio Beira-Rio, was renovated in 2013, in preparation for Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup the following year. It has a capacity of just over 50,000. The record attendance here was more than twice that – but that was in the days before widespread seating.

Naturally, Brazil has an association with football that’s unlike that of any other country. If you’re going to pay a visit, then this is a great place to do it!

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