This is What Earth Might Look Like in a Billion Years

It’s impossible to accurately predict the future. Science, however, can make a pretty well calculated estimation. Youtube Channel RealLifeLore recently published a video that packs the next billion years of reasonable, science-backed predictions for the future of planet Earth into 7 minutes that will swiftly melt your mind.

Seeing as we as species, and everything we have ever achieved fits neatly into a relatively insignificant 200,000 years, it’s not easy to wrap our heads around what the Earth will look like in 1 million years – let alone 1 billion. Some of our favorite brain busters from the clip’s timeline include:

10 000 CE

Current technology records the date to 4 decimal places. In the year 10,000 we will face a real Y10K bug, when technology will no longer be able to code the date.

20 000 CE

Modern languages as we know them today will no longer be recognizable. Only 1% of present day vocabulary will have survived.

50 000 CE

Niagara Falls will have eroded away into a giant lake.

1 million CE

A nearby star called Betelgeuse will explode into a supernova that will be totally visible from Earth even during daytime.

2 million CE

If humans have colonized other planets, they will most likely have evolved into completely different species. These new species could quite possibly be unaware that the other human species exist.

250 million CE

All of Earth’s continents will merge together into one supercontinent.

500 million CE

A deadly gamma-ray burst will occur within 6,500 light-years of Earth, triggering a mass extinction.

Watch the whole clip below to find out more about the disturbing timeline:

Visit RealLifeLore’s Youtube page for more of their fascinating videos on history, science, geography and more.

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