WebWalk Adds A Google Street View Experience To The Indoors


WebWalk Brings “Street View” Experience Indoors, Adds Business Features and Privacy Controls with Open Platform. It is wildly innovative and the future of immersive events and experiential marketing!

Many of us at one point or another have used Google Street View to virtually navigate a location somewhere around the world. A scrappy young company named WebWalk has enhanced this experience, brought it indoors, added a multitude of features, and opened up the platform to allow anyone to create their own WebWalk tours using standard camera equipment.

The company was founded in 2009 by Raphael Bennett and Gene Ellis and they have since been busy mapping millions of square feet while working with notable brands and publishers such as Samsung, CNET, Ritz Carton and Virgin America. Custom large-scale experiences have resulted in significant increases in time-on-site usage for website visitors while interaction is complemented though embedded media and lead generation tools.


The same in-house technology WebWalk has used for large custom projects over the years is now being opened up as an online platform, allowing photographers the freedom to create tours for their own commercial and non-commercial purposes. Photographers are also eligible to receive business leads from WebWalk, provided they have successfully completed the WebWalk Certification program. By maintaining a mixture of in-house and 3rd party production teams, WebWalk is now a viable option for small and medium sized projects as well.

The team is also readying an iOS app in the video below which will debut later this year

There is an obvious 500-pound gorilla in the room (ahem, Google), however WebWalk seems to be taking a very different (and open) approach. No doubt, the world is about to get much smaller.

For more information: www.webwalk.com

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