10 Sylvanian Family Toys That Toy Collectors Are Searching For

Toy collecting is becoming a popular hobby. About three billion toys are sold every year in the US alone.

Like every other collecting category, toy collecting is also accessible via the Internet. Because it’s so easy to buy toys online, most people’s toy collections are growing. The question is: what toys are people collecting?

If you have a penchant for collecting, you may already know the answer. Toys from the Sylvanian Family are in high demand today! It’s the ideal collection for children and toy collectors alike.

Read on to discover everything there is to know about the Sylvanian Family, their toys, and why there’s such a high demand for them today.

1. The Bramble Hedgehogs

The Bramble Hedgehogs are a group of adorable figurines that make up a family in the Sylvanian world. This set features father Mortimer, mother Eleanor, sister Jane, and brother Matthew. Each member of the Bramble Hedgehog family boasts intricate detailing and charming personalities.

Mortimer, the father, is not just an ordinary figurine; he’s a skilled carpenter. And the inclusion of tiny woodworking tools in the set adds to its appeal.

Eleanor, the mom, is a loving and caring figure in the family. She keeps everyone together. Jane and Matthew, the kids, add a lot of energy and excitement to their home.

Collectors often prize the Bramble Hedgehogs for their vintage charm and the warm nostalgia they evoke. This makes them a highly sought-after addition to any collection.

2. The Walnut Squirrel Family

The Walnut Squirrel Family is another classic Sylvanian Family set that collectors cherish. This family comprises father Cedric, mother Yardley, sister Saffron, and brother Ralph. What makes the Walnut Squirrel Family stand out is their artistic talents.

The dad, Cedric, is a painter, and the mom, Yardley, is a writer. That means you get tiny paintbrushes and writing stuff with them. It’s like having your mini art studio!

And then there are Saffron and Ralph, the squirrel kids. They’re full of energy and always want to learn new things. They make the family even more fun!

Collectors often seek out the Walnut Squirrel Family not only for their adorable appearance. It is also for the artistic dimension they bring to any Sylvanian display. Whether it’s Cedric’s paintings or Yardley’s writing, this family brings a touch of art and imagination to your Sylvanian world.

3. The Field Mouse Family

The Field Mouse Family is a group of adorable Sylvanian figurines. In this family, you have a father named Jason, a mother named Carol, and their two kids, Alyssa and Brad.

Jason, the dad, is a farmer. Imagine him with tiny farming tools like a little pitchfork and watering can. Carol, the mom, is famous for making the yummiest pies, and her set even comes with tiny pies and kitchen stuff.

Then, there are Alyssa and Brad, the kids. They bring lots of fun and adventure to the family.

People who collect Sylvanian Families love the Field Mouse Family because they add a touch of countryside charm. Whether it’s taking care of the garden, baking pies, or exploring the outdoors, this family shows what it’s like to live in the countryside.

4. The Chocolate Rabbit Family

The Chocolate Rabbit Family is a much-loved group of Sylvanian figurines. This elegant family includes father Frasier, mother Teri, sister Freya, and brother Coco. They are famous for running the Village Cake Shop, renowned for its delectable pastries and cakes.

Frasier, the dad, is a super pastry chef, and Teri, the mom, helps out in the shop. Freya and Coco, the kids, are full of energy and have a sweet tooth!

What sets this family apart is the exquisite attention to detail. From the tiny desserts to the rabbit family’s sophisticated outfits, they bring a sense of elegance and fancy treats to the collection. Collectors are drawn to the Chocolate Rabbit Family for the opportunity it provides to add a touch of luxury to their Sylvanian display.

5. The Red Panda Family

The Red Panda Family is a newer addition to the Sylvanian world, but they’ve quickly become a favorite among collectors. This family has four members: a dad named Russell, a mom named Rufina, and two kids, Rowena and Roland.

Their distinctive appearance and traditional clothing make the Red Panda Family special. They have special markings and bright colors, which make them stand out in your collection. Plus, their outfits add a touch of culture to the Sylvanian world.

People who collect Sylvanian Families love the Red Panda Family because they bring a fresh and exotic vibe. They’re like a blend of tradition and uniqueness, making them special in their own way.

6. The Hedgehog Grandparents

The Hedgehog Grandparents are a lovely addition to Sylvanian Families. It’s like having grandparents in your collection! There are two of them: Grandfather Bertie and Grandmother Greta.

Grandfather Bertie is a wise old hedgehog who knows a lot because he’s seen so much in his life. Grandmother Greta is super caring and kind – she’s the heart of the family.

What’s special about them is that they bring a sense of family and tradition to your Sylvanian world. They’re like the grandparents who tell you stories and teach you valuable lessons.

People who collect Sylvanian Families toys like the Hedgehog Grandparents because they add a feeling of love and togetherness. It’s like having a complete family with generations all in one place.

7. The Cosy Cottage Starter Home

The Cosy Cottage Starter Home is the starting point for Sylvanian Families. It’s their first house where they begin their exciting adventures.

Inside this little cottage, there are tiny furniture, a kitchen sink, and a dining table. Imagine your Sylvanian characters having meals together, relaxing in the living room, or sleeping in their cozy beds. It’s where all the action happens!

The attention to detail adds to its appeal, from the miniature teacups to the cozy beds. Whether your Sylvanian friends are eating, playing, or resting, this starter home gives them a perfect place to do it.

This starter home is a must-have for collectors of all levels. It provides a delightful backdrop for imaginative play and can be the cornerstone of a growing Sylvanian village.

8. The Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel is like a dream come true for Sylvanian Family collectors who want to make their village feel super fancy. Imagine a big, multi-story hotel right in your Sylvanian world, just like the grand hotels you see in real life.

Inside, it’s like a world of luxury. There are fancy chandeliers, a check-in front desk, and beautiful rooms with lovely furniture. You can have all sorts of Sylvanian adventures in this grand hotel.

The Regency Hotel offers hours of imaginative play and adds a touch of grandeur to any Sylvanian collection. It’s not just a playset; it’s an experience that allows collectors to create a world of stories and adventures. The Regency Hotel makes your Sylvanian collection feel extra special and elegant.

9. The Campervan

For collectors who enjoy adventures on the go, the Campervan is a highly sought-after set. This mobile home on wheels allows your Sylvanian Family to travel and explore their world.

Inside, there is everything your little figures need for a road trip – beds to rest in, a little kitchen for cooking, and even a tiny bathroom. It’s like a tiny house on wheels, and it even has wheels that really roll!

The Campervan is fantastic because it lets you imagine all sorts of adventures for your Sylvanian characters. Maybe they’re going on a camping trip, a long journey, or just a fun road trip.

It’s like a whole new world of stories and excitement for your Sylvanian collection. It’s where Sylvanian adventures come to life on the open road!

10. The Baby Ferris Wheel

Lastly, we have the Baby Ferris Wheel, a delightful addition that adds fun and whimsy to your Sylvanian collection. This set features a colorful Ferris wheel that can spin, creating a sense of excitement and playfulness.

This Ferris wheel is full of bright colors and interactive, which means it’s really fun to play with. It also comes with baby figures, making it perfect for collectors who want to introduce a playful element to their Sylvanian display. You can imagine them having the time of their lives on this ride.

If you want to add loads of fun and laughter to your Sylvanian world, the Baby Ferris Wheel is a must-have. You can start your Sylvanian Family collection if you shop Sylvanian Families toys here. You can find a lot of them to begin your collection and start your own little world of Sylvanian adventures.

Join the Community of Sylvanian Family Toy Collectors Today

There is no doubt that Sylvanian Family Toys have captured the hearts of toy collectors worldwide. For collectors, these toys represent a connection to their childhood or a chance to get unique pieces for their collection.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to add these sought-after Sylvanian Family toys to your collection! Start your search today and join the community of passionate collectors. Happy collecting!

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