These Incredible Trees Have Won the Battle Against Civilization

Trees have been thriving on Earth for 370 million years. The oldest living tree on Earth is known as Old Tjikko, sprouting roughly 9,550 years ago in Sweden during the last Ice Age. There’s strong evidence as to why trees have been able to survive for so long. Whether it’s out of rock solid concrete, in gale force winds, through a raging bushfire, or out of another tree, these incredible, majestic and resilient organisms really know how to grow despite circumstances. See below our favorite death-defying trees selection.

This palm tree that fell over and got right back up again:

This tree that went a long way to find water:

This tree that grew inside a street sign:

This tree that has adapted perfectly to life in a concrete jungle:

This tree ate a bicycle:

This tree that fell over, but grew into 4 more trees:

This tree that is feeling a little stretched, but still keeps it cool:

This tree that sent a root back to the mainland for food:

This tree that got cut down, but didn’t give up:

This tree that dusted itself off after a bushfire:

This little guy that found his way through rock solid concrete:

This tree that found higher ground:

This tree that refused to accept it was Winter:

This tree growing on the third story of a high-rise building:

This tree that doesn’t mind that the land beneath it completely eroded away:

This tree that grew through a fence and has the scars to show it:

This tree that grew through a boulder:

Trees are truly incredible organisms capable of adapting to almost any environment. There are around 30 trillion of them on planet Earth, producing most of the oxygen that we need to breathe. These majestic beings most definitely deserve our respect and admiration.

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