Artist Brings Boring Objects to Life and Brightens Everyone’s Day

There’s a cheeky street artist running rampant in the streets of New York City, brightening up everyone’s day. The artist, who goes by the name Tom Bob, finds the most mundane of street architecture and uses his unique imagination – and some bright colors – to transform it into something totally new.

A weathered manhole is transformed into a frypan cooking some sunny-side-up eggs. A gas meter is transformed into a group of dancing crabs. A line of traffic barriers is transformed into some animated snakes.

Tom Bob’s clever transformations have earned him over 30,000 followers on his Instagram, where he regularly posts his latest street works. We hope he never gets caught! See our favorites below.

This tower of barrels has been transformed into a set of pool balls.

This walking man is now doing the moonwalk.

This manhole has come to life now that a sneaky alligator peers out.

This one is now being used to cook an imaginary breakfast.

This bicycle station is now a romantic heart and key.

These air vents have been transformed into…

…happy men in conical hats.

These gas meters have become Popeye’s catch of the day.

This seemingly lifeless water pipe was destined to become…

…Rodney the uncaged elephant.

This bicycle rack has been transformed into the rope of a skipping girl.

These hay bails were boring before…

…they became giant rolls of toilet paper.

These are only a few of Tom Bob’s magical street interventions. Head over to his Instagram page to stay updated with his latest work.

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