An Artist Used Sushi To Recreate Famous Paintings


Sushi making itself is an art form, but Japanese makizushi artist, Takayo Kiyota takes it even a step further, creating recreating famous paintings inside her sushi rolls.

The process of laying out rice and then rolling it to form an image is an incredibly difficult one and often unpredictable as Kiyota told Spoon-Tamago.

“I never know what the inside looks like so I’m never sure if it will come out the way I imagined. And I can’t make edits once it’s done,” writes Tama-chan. “Facial expressions are especially difficult because small ingredients or overly exerted force when wrapping can completely throw things off. It’s always a special moment when I make the first incision to reveal the image.”

In addition, to recreating paintings, Kiyota has found inspiration from pop culture images like as Apple and Facebook. Check out the video below for an look at the process of creating this tasty new art form.






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