This Hilarious Young Girl is Taking the Internet by Storm, One Sassy Video at a Time

Ava Ryan is the Internet’s newest sensation and a budding comedienne, and we are totally fangirling over her.

She first struck stardom in a Vine video when she was just 18 months old.

Now, Katie Ryan, Ava’s mom and videographer, shares her 7-year-old daughter’s SNL-worthy talent on Facebook and YouTube where she’s attracted millions of views.

Below, you can get a taste of the young girl’s humor in this compilation of Ava’s “greatest hits,” which ranges from surprising one-liners to a clip of Ava motivating a sidewalk jogger with the cheer: “You’re winning! You’re winning at life!”

Ava’s mother told ABC News that she and her husband, Daniel, first recognized their daughter’s talent when she was quite young. “When she started talking that’s when she was able to verbalize her sense of humor,” she said.

One of Ava Ryan’s most popular videos is when she, as a baby, looks out of the window and says, “I smell like beef.”

Her mother explained the random hilarious comment in an interview.

“Ava told me [recently] it’s because she saw that the sky was like this pink color and it reminded her of uncooked beef. It was funny and totally random,” she said.

Now, as she’s gotten older, Ava Ryan creates skits and characters on her own that mimic the complicated and technological world around her.

For example, say hello to Ryan’s alter-ego Charlene or as she describes it, “your hot mess friend” (aka that friend of yours who always cancels plans at the last minute and has the worst excuses). The clip, uploaded by her mom to Instagram and Facebook, begins with Ava in a popped-collar jean jacket and two messy top-knot buns, confessing to the camera: “I’m sorry I was eight hours late for brunch yesterday… I forgot. I’m speechless. I just don’t believe in being on time.”

Reminiscent of Kristin Wiig’s voice (and face manipulation) talent, Ava continues: “I’m so busy today (I’ve actually been looking at pictures of baby goats). Yeah, like really busy, like three hours of doing work (three hours of looking at pictures of baby goats). I’m feeling really good about myself tonight so I’m just gonna have some water, refreshing. Oh no! I missed my mouth. Looking flawless, like my dreams. Girl, I know I’m a mess but that’s what I live for.”

Her recent clips are socially aware and parody the way she observes adults behaving around her. In my opinion, they hit a little too close to home and reveal some truths that we try to keep hidden from everyday life. Everything is up for grabs in Ryan’s world. The pathos of iPhone obsessions, how to act bossy at work, what we sound like when we go shopping and go a little overboard—in Ryan’s eyes, everything can be turned into a laugh.

This girl has a real talent of interpreting the world through her own voice and vision. One day, we are sure to see her on the comedy stage. But for now, thank goodness we have the Internet.

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