Redesigning the Ice Cream Scoop for a Future of Better Scooping

You’re at home and have a craving for mint chocolate chip. You pull the carton out of the freezer and open the kitchen drawer, do you reach for: A) a spoon, B) a generic super market ice cream scoop, C) a $250 sleekly designed scoop?

If you answered A) you’re probably in the majority. You’re also probably being laughed at and mocked by the upper elite who realize that a spoon simply doesn’t conform properly to the human hand when scooping rock-hard ice cream.

This is where Belle-V Kitchen comes in. The start-up is headed by VP of Lunar Design, Jeff Salazar and Dr. Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Innovation at the Wharton School. Impressive, eh? The team has set out to redesign the ice cream scoop which has undergone only a few changes in the last 100 years, but for the most part is still leaving 16-year-olds working the summer job at the ice cream parlor with sore wrists at the end of the day.

scoop3 Just look at those unsightly relics of the past.

Belle-V Kitchen aims to do for the ice cream scoop what Dyson did for vacuum cleaners, e.g. make them really expensive.

“Does the Belle-V ice cream scoop really work better? YES!

The handle is sculpted, weighted and balanced to feel just right in your hand.
The angled head works with — not against — the natural rolling action of your wrist to give you maximum leverage to easily drive through the hardest ice cream.
The spade-shaped leading edge helps you get into those hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of your ice cream container.
Belle-V scoops are made from aluminum, chosen for its strength and high thermal conductivity.
Heat from your hand quickly conducts through the handle to the head of the scoop to more easily release ice cream.
The Belle-V ice cream scoop is patent pending.”


The Belle-V Scoop will come in four finishes and range from $40 to 250. Stop scooping with a spoon like some sort of peasant and check out the products Kickstarter campaign here.


Via FastCoDesign

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