Billboards For FX’s ‘The Strain’ Are Too Much For People To Handle


If you have access to basic cable television, it’s highly recommended that you tune in tonight for the new sci-fi show on FX, “The Strain.” Assuming you like the creepy world of creator Guillermo del Toro. His stuff isn’t for everybody and that was proven when the show’s billboards were removed because they were giving people the hibbie-jibbies.

Variety reports that FX had to take the billboards down in several markets because the image of worm crawling out a woman’s eye wasn’t sitting well with some people on their daily commute to work.

“We are in the process of replacing the key art for ‘The Strain’ on outdoor media in several locations,” a FX spokesman said in a statement.”


Hmm, people do seem to not be enjoying them on their morning drive. The show probably isn’t nearly as gross as the billboards make it seem though, right?


Nevermind, it’s way, way worse.

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