Alternative medicine and the physiological effect of treatment

When talking about homeopathic and alternative medicine, the response for and against ranges drastically. While much of the scientific community has kept an open mind to the possibility that alternative medicine might offer relief, they do so with the caveat that many of the studies have only proven effectiveness equivalent to that of a placebo. That’s to say, not very effective at all.

To make matters worst, articles like this one from Examiner plague the internet and perpetuate lies that are not only incorrect but also dangerous.

In the article above, a Johns Hopkins study is cited as having “finally” revealed alternative approaches to cancer. Completely fabricated and having used Hopkins as a source to simply boost its own “perceived credibility” This article is a prime example of link baiting people with sensitive topics in what is generally an insidious aim of selling herbal supplements, advertising, etc.

That’s not to say all alternative treatments are bogus, there are many honest and passionate people working to prove the effectiveness through actual evidence, and who believe whole heatedly in this as viable treatment having experienced success themselves. With peoples lives in the balance, what are you to believe?

Here we have compiled a list of articles for and against.


Steve Jobs regretted using alternative medicine to treat his cancer. Reference here for article.


Sanjay Gupta revises his position on marijuana. Reference to article here.


Dr Oz ordered to stop promising weight loss miracles. Reference to article here.

Should Canadian healthcare incorporate Alternative Medicine. Reference to article here.

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