George Lopez Cuts It Up With Cruise Ship Passengers

You can always expect George Lopez to find a laugh in his environment, which means that when he’s on board one of Carnival’s Cruise ships’ passengers can expect the jokes to fly. George tried his hand as a rock climbing instructor on board the ship and gave passengers a ribbing while helping them with their gear. “You might wanna lose those jeans at some point during the cruise. Put some shorts on,” joked the comedian to a passenger.


What George Lopez might lack in rock climbing expertise, he’s making up for by adding a huge dose of comedy talent to the Carnival fleet. The cruise line recently announced that the veteran comedian would be the new curator of talent for the ships, selecting and vesting for the stand-up comics who perform aboard the ship.

It’s an interesting turn for the comic who has been in the business since the late 70s and done everything from star in sitcoms and movies to hosting his own late night talk show. But when you think about it, who better to pick the talent than someone who knows and has worked with that talent for over 30 years. And you can’t really get a better job reference than saying that George Lopez booked you into a show. From a marketing standpoint it’s an incredibly clever business move.

Just as long as the comedian sticks to killing it with comedy and abstains from hooking people into harnesses, it should be all laughs about the ship.

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