Building An Online Presence: What Startups Need To Leverage

Building an online presence can allow a startup to compete with much larger companies. An intelligent digital marketing strategy can even the playing field with businesses with much larger ad/marketing budgets. Budgets usually are not massive for a startup unless they have had a cash injection from an investor. Tracking ROI on every dollar that is spent is very important to shape future marketing campaigns. Building a presence is about a consistent effort rather than a one-time investment. Consistency is key as some companies abandon digital marketing after they do not see results in a month or two. Below are tips to build an online presence for a startup.

Social Media

Social media is something that every business should leverage, but this is even more important for startups. Social media is free to claim a profile along with posting. Hashtags can be intelligently used for a specific industry to be seen by those in a particular cusotomer demographic. Interacting with others in the industry can help with everything from sales to marketing and hiring. 

Getting Listed On Online Directories

There are a number of ways to gain backlinks along with online exposure. You want to show up on directories that list other businesses in the same niche or that offer the same products/services. A top local online business directory can lead to leads, traffic, and sales. The truth is that emailing a number of these directories can lead to being listed. Staying focused and industry-based directories is very important. Hiring a digital marketing agency is likely the best option as they should have relationships with major directories in a local area. 

Don’t Skimp On The Website

The website could be an individual’s first impression of a business. A website that looks like it was designed decades ago doesn’t instill confidence in a potential customer/client. Taking the time to get a website updated regularly can be so important. Google also changes search engine algorithms, which can directly impact where a website appears in search results due to how it is designed. Hiring a web design website or freelancer that keeps SEO in mind while developing the website. Marketing the website is also important but incorporates so many different areas of expertise that working with a digital advertising agency might be the best course of action.   

Content Creation Needs To Be Consistent 

Putting out content on the blog along with social media is so important. You want to establish the business as one that can be trusted regardless of its niche. Content can be created in a number of forms, but make sure traffic is tracked closely. If video content helps attain more leads while written content attracts more visitors to the site, a blend of both of these will achieve optimum results. Figuring out which type of content matters in a niche as a company operating in this space. 

Building an online presence for any business will require an investment of time and money. Consistency will be so important when it comes to online marketing and traditional marketing.   

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