Creating Colorful Art Is As Easy As Dropping Paint Into Fish Tanks


Looking at the paint photos of artist Kim Keever, thoughts of other-worldly atmospheres or psychedelic visions come to mind. Keever, who left a thermal engineer position with NASA to focus on his creative side, creates these colorful fusions by dropping gallons of industrial paint into fish tanks and photographing the swirl of color that takes place.

FastCo reports that Keever’s project “Across The Volumes” is currently on display at New York City gallery Waterhouse & Dodd. And if you think that capturing these stormy creations of ballooning paint clouds in water is just a matter of dumping paint and snapping a few photos, then you’re mistaken. So far Keever has taken some 9,000 photographs with really only about 100 being useable. The problem he says is that that most often the paint billows in the water in a predictable fashion, it’s the rare time that it moves in a new way he is looking to capture with a photo.







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