These Kids Have the Coolest Treehouse in the Neighborhood

I wanted a treehouse so bad when I was a kid. Like, REALLY bad. Since I didn’t have a full set of power tools at the age of 10 though, and my dad didn’t have the skill to put a nail into a board I never got one. Alas, some childhood dreams are never meant to be.

The grand-kids of Jeri and Steve however, do have a treehouse, and it’s most certainly the coolest treehouse in the neighborhood. The treehouse is so popular that its been the location of 65 birthday parties so far, and it’s easy to see why that number is rising.

This treehouse has it all:

Working refrigerator


Working air conditioning unit


Crow’s nest


Climbing wall




Pretty cool, huh?

The treehouse has naturally become a community magnet for the neighborhood children and it’s constantly morphing with new additions being added over time. Jeri hops that it helps to foster a sense of imagination for the children and is happy knowing that they’re helping to build happy memories that the kids will carry with them for a lifetime.

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