Drew Tal’s Photo Series ‘Worlds Apart’ Lifts the Veil on Muslim Beauty


“My aim is not to take a stance or critique their situation. My lens acts as a mere unseen observer of these women’s lives: their celebrations and struggles, their sorrows and renewed hopes, their acceptance and, at times, their courageous heroism. – Drew Tal”

Israeli-born photographer Drew Tal has been fascinated with the beauty of ethnic faces since childhood and in his new project, “Worlds Apart” has chosen to focus on a culture that remains largely mysterious to much of the western world – Muslim women. Within this project Tal has drawn up three themes of focus for his audience: Light from Within, Infallible Symmetry, and Veil, Unveiled. While “Light from Within” focuses on the the eyes alone, “Infallible Symmetry draws upon geometric patterns (both Islamic and Indian), that surface from the background to the human faces and to the veils that cover them. “Veil, Unveiled” of course focuses on the most notable trait of garb for the Muslim woman, the veil and its presence or lack thereof.

The photo exhibit will be on display at New York City’s Emmanuel Fremin Gallery October 10-Decemebr 14, 2013.

Three Pearls �Drew Tal

Night Secrets (M) ©Drew Tal


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