Finally, We’re Getting Car/Plane Hybrids With AeroMobil

Well, it’s about time, it looks like you may soon be able to buy a car/plane hybrid — presuming that you’re a billionaire who lights cigars with no bill smaller than a Benjamin. Check out AeroMobil the world’s first road-ready flying car that runs on regular ol’ gas station gasoline. It’s like James Bond’s wet dream come true.

The car is the brainchild of designer and co-founder, Štefan Klein, a designer and pilot who has worked for companies like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW. Štefan and his aviation technician Igor Rumanovsky along with Juraj Vaculík designed the aircraft — that fits into any standard parking space — to reach speeds of 200 km/h in the air and with its fold-in wings can reach speeds of 160 km/h on the ground. The project spans over two decades with the concept first taking shape way back in 1990 with simply a rough sketch and went through various formations and prototypes before reaching its current design in October of 2014.





With the hoverboard becoming a legit reality earlier this year and now flying cars on the horizon, it looks like the age of The Jestons is finally upon us. AeroMobil says that the plane/car or planemobil as I’ll be calling it is being certified for public use in Slovakia and the company hopes to eventually mass produce them for the public. The vehicle can hold two people and can travel around 700 kilometers on a tank of gas. The future is here!



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