You Have to Try This Mesmerizing Interactive Art Installation

Firewall is an interactive art installation created by Mike Allison and Aaron Sherwood. At first glance, the piece is somewhat unimpressive – a spandex sheet stretched over a large frame. But when switched on, this spandex sheet becomes a membrane that combines music, motion and metaphysics at the touch of a human hand.

When untouched, the sheet shows orange-red lines running vertically across its surface.

When the membrane is touched, the lines dance like fire, rippling in reaction to the movement of the user’s hand. If that wasn’t enough, beautiful piano music erupts from the installation at the same time. Its tempo and tone respond to the pressure and intensity of hand movement across the surface.


Allison is an artist and inventor who uses new technologies to push the boundaries of perception, inspire wonder and ignite imaginations.

He and Sherwood first developed Firewall as part of a forthcoming stage performance called ‘Mizaru.’ It was designed to serve as a metaphysical barrier between the audience and the performers, symbolizing the separation between life and death.

But the firewall is indeed an artwork in its own right. Sherwood says of the duo’s creation: “Firewall provides a very expressive musical playing experience, even for people who have never played music before.”

Explore more of Allison’s amazing work via his vimeo page.

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