Furry friends: The best small animals for apartment life

Whether you live in a bustling city or a rural town, apartment life can throw a curveball when you’re thinking about getting an animal to keep you company. Some animals are naturally high-energy, meaning that they might start to feel frustrated or bored when they’re forced to live in a small space. But an animal’s suitability for apartment life isn’t always determined by its size, so it’s important to know how you can choose carefully.

Whether you live alone or with a partner, it’s worth doing some research before you introduce a new member of the family. We’ve listed a few of our top animal choices for compact living spaces below.

Top companion animals for small apartments

  1. Cats

According to the PDSA, almost one in four UK adults own a cat. With an estimated cat population of 11 million, it’s easy to see that this small, cute and entertaining animal makes a very popular choice for ownership. This could be explained not only by a cat’s easy-going nature and low maintenance demands, but also by their suitability to apartment life.

Cats can be trained to use their own toilet – usually a litter box filled with cat litter – and otherwise only require feeding and basic healthcare. For those with a busy social life, cats provide an element of freedom. They can be left alone for hours, and they don’t need to be trained either. Cats are affectionate, relatively easy to care for, and provide hours of fun at home. 

  1. Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs also make an excellent choice for those looking to introduce an animal to their home. These small, furry rodents make wonderful companions for adults and children alike. Over time, guinea pigs become comfortable with their owners and enjoy human interaction and affection. They also make very sweet squeaking noises when they’re happy!

Guinea pigs make a great choice for first-time animal owners because their care requirements are simple. They just need a spacious and secure cage, fresh bedding changes, and they should be fed a high-quality diet with guinea pig food that fulfils their nutritional needs

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are also a popular choice for first-time animal owners, especially those in busy families. With a secure cage, balanced hamster food and fresh bedding changes, hamsters can be left to their own devices. Some are tame, but others might prefer not to interact with their owners.

These tiny rodents make an entertaining choice too. Many choose to run on a wheel, while others might have crazy moments in their cage. It’s important to know that hamsters are solitary creatures, though, so you should never buy or keep more than one at a time unless they live in separate cages. 

  1. Some dog breeds

With a good routine and careful preparation, apartment dwellers can benefit from the joy of dog ownership too. Certain high-energy breeds won’t be able to live in a small space, but there are certain breeds that can adapt extremely well to living in a compact space. If you’re planning to welcome a dog to your apartment soon, just make sure you have quick and easy access to an outside area or a local dog daycare facility to help with its toilet training.

Generally, smaller dog breeds are better suited to inner-city life. But if you’d like a larger breed, greyhounds make an excellent choice due to their docile nature. It’s always worth doing your research and checking out the best dogs for those living in apartments or smaller houses.


Before you add any animal to your household, it’s important to feel confident that you have the time and resources to care for it appropriately. Once everyone is ready to welcome your new family member, your apartment could become a sanctuary for your new best friend. 

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