The Garden Festival Skips Excess in Favor of Intimacy

More sound, more lights, more flames, more lasers, more, more, more! That appears to be the mantra of most festival organizers these days. And not that we don’t like the over-the-top mind-bending productions as the next festival goer, but sometimes at this age you want an experience that allows you to connect in more intimate ways. Enter The Garden Festival, where you don’t need tens of thousands of people, a mega budget, and an ultra-star studded lineup to curate an amazing festival experience.


The Garden Festival is a testament to the idea that one of the most important elements of a music festival, next to the music, is the people. The intimacy of The Garden Festival is perhaps one of its greatest gifts. With 8 days of music, a capacity of 2,500 people, and onsite housing, you will surely have the opportunity to truly connect with those around you sharing the common interest of underground house music.

Nestled in a beautiful green cove on the Adriatic Sea, in the city of Tisno, you are literally surrounded by paradise. And if that is not enough, a short trip inland will bring you to the gorgeous waterfalls of KRKA, a national park of Croatia.


Combine the natural beauty of Croatia, a relatively cheap price tag, and an absence of bustling tourists and you’ll find that The Garden Festival is an ideal place to vacation. This hidden gem is a perfect reminder that bigger is not always better. And in this modern day world of constant hustle and artificial online bonding, intimate settings like this are gaining ground as they allow us greater opportunity to satiate that fundamental human need to connect with one another and share incredible experiences. A big thanks to our friends at GoFest for tipping us off on this awesome music festival. Check out all the details that you’ll need to know for attending The Garden Festival at their website here.




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