Getting There: Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur

From Michelle Obama to Uma Thurman and J-Lo, some of the most famous women in pop culture have sported Jennifer Fisher’s designs around their neck and in their ears. The jewelry designer and entrepreneur sat down with journalist Katie Couric in Getting There’s second episode to discuss what it’s like working with her husband, the struggles she’s had to overcome, and why happy hour drinks are so important.

Living And Working In NYC

Couric met up with Fisher near her Flatiron office at Union Square’s farmer’s market. “I come here all the time,” said Fisher before adding “If I need a break from work I’ll come out here and walk around, just to catch my breath. I’m completely inspired by everything in this city.”

While it might be Jennifer Fisher’s name on the brand, her husband is big part of the process and the two work together everyday. As Couric found out though, that doesn’t mean the pair commutes to work together. In fact, they found that not riding to work together offers some healthy alone time in their relationship. “We’re together all day long, so let’s have some time in the morning apart from each other,” Fisher said.

Starting Early

From an early age she knew that she wanted to be in business for herself. “I was the kid that would pick the flowers out of the neighbor’s yard and be like ‘Hey, do you wanna buy some flowers?’,” joked Fisher. Whether it was splatter paint designs or button pins, she’s all about trying out new ideas. “You can’t be afraid of just putting yourself out there and seeing if somebody wants to buy what you have,” she added.

What Comes Next

Recently, the couple have branched out from their iconic hoop earnings and dog tag necklaces and decided to dip their toes into the food industry with a line of salts. “I feel like in this day and age we can do whatever we want,” Fisher confessed.

From overcoming her struggles to become a mother to finding a successful outlet for her creativity and taking her brand in new directions, Fisher has always marched to the beat of her own drum. “We don’t need to be defined by what people have done in the past. I’m doing my own thing.”

Getting There is a new web series from The Skimm that follows award-winning journalist Katie Couric as she interviews the female trailblazers of today from the worlds of tech, fashion, entertainment, business, and politics. Sponsored by Pantene.

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